WWDC 2022 Thoughts

WWDC 2022 Thoughts

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On 4/20, Apple finally held its Spring Event, unveiling its latest treats. This event was really packed with updates and announcements. I watched and rewatched the keynote and gathered a couple of thoughts about what was announced.

iPad Pro 🔥

This was the most speculated hardware announcement, and the product I was looking forward to most as I am upgrading this year. Apple didn’t disappoint, and while the 11″ model I plan on buying won’t feature that sharp new mini-LED display, I’m satisfied. The inclusion of the M1 is huge and makes me wonder what else Apple has in store for the iPad. I’m expecting iPadOS 15 to bring a slew of new features that further push the boundaries of what iPad Pro can do. I usually get a cellular iPad, so the inclusion of 5G is nice. The new white Magic Keyboard is also super sharp—makes me wish I hadn’t thrown down on the black one just last month.

Something that will live rent-free in my mind for the rest of my life is the moment Tim Cook scaled a building, tunneled through the HVAC, and pulled off a human disguise in order to steal and remove an M1 chip from the board of a MacBook Pro and transplant it into an iPad Pro. ■

Written by Dakota on May 11, 2022


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